Workers Compensation

Temporary Disability, EDD Liens, and the 2 Year Cap

Originally published on on December 8, 2011 104 Weeks Revisited – Temporary Disability, EDD /State Disability Liens, and the 2 year cut-off for TTD Benefits, Regardless of Whether or not You’re Able to Return to Work. For injuries occurring between April 19, 2004 and Jan. 1, 2008, California Labor ...
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Medical treatment being denied – even under a prior WC award? Here’s why…..

Were you awarded medical care “for life” as a result of a stipulated award from your work injury? And now, years after the settlement, your medical treatment is being denied? Do you have an open work injury claim and the doctors tell you everything they request is being denied? Here’s ...
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A Confidential Word to the Unrepresented Injured Worker

Psst, you – hey you, c’mere. (glancing around furtively) I got a secret to share with you: This system stinks. Get out while you still can…… Every injured worker will make more money working than being on worker’s compensation. Reforms in 2004 drastically slashed benefits available to injured workers. The ...
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