Resources: The Basics of Worker’s Compensation

Below is a list of links to the California State Division of Industrial Relations, the agency responsible for oversight of the laws under which Worker’s Compensation benefits are provided.

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IntroductionHow to Use This Guidebook
Chapter 1The Basics of Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 2After You Get Hurt on the Job
Keep Your Claim on Track
Chapter 3Medical Care
Chapter 4Resolving Problems with Medical Care and Medical Reports
Chapter 5Temporary Disability Benefits
Chapter 6Working for Your Employer after Injury
Chapter 7Permanent Disability Benefits
Chapter 8Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
Chapter 9For More Information and Help
Questions & Answers about State Information & Assistance Services
Questions & Answers about Attorneys
Appendix AImportant Laws and Regulations
Appendix BGlossary

You can also attend a free seminar on workers’ compensation or contact the Information and Assistance Unit if you have questions. You can also call 1-800-736-7401 for recorded information and the location of free DWC informational seminar for injured workers closest to you.