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Many times people don’t know if they “need” an attorney.  Sometimes, just talking to an attorney during a free consultation can answer most of your questions.  Certainly, time deadlines, statutes of limitation, and legal procedure, and the scope and extent of benefits are subject to change without notice due to case law holdings or new regulations.  It is important to have accurate, current information on your rights before making a decision on settlement, particularly whether or not to close your case with settlement of future medical care.

There is no requirement that you have legal representation in the worker’s compensation system.  Many people simply get treatment and return to work, and their claim is simply closed.  However, claims denied without justification, denials of medical care, and those lost in the system and still in need of medical treatment have little choice but to obtain representation.  Perhaps you’ve been handling your own claim for months and are just tired of dealing with the bureaucracy and forms. We will provide an honest assessment of your case, and your best options for resolution, based on years of litigation experience.   You do not pay out of pocket for legal fees.  Our fees are paid directly by the insurance company out of any award obtained.  Attorneys’ fees in worker’s compensation practice are calculated at 15 percent of the final settlement, whether by Stipulated Award or Compromise and Release.  No other area of legal specialization provides attorneys with such specialized training for a low recovery percentage. (In comparison, personal injury cases often take fees between 33-40% of the recovery obtained.)

You can schedule a FREE in person consultation to meet with either attorney Katie Siemont or Grady Wright to discuss your legal issues.  If you or your loved one is hospitalized as a result of your injury, we can travel to meet with you.  Please send us an email, and let us know how we can be of assistance.

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