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The only question that matters : What is the problem you want to solve? Our consultations are done in person, at one of our conveniently located Vallejo, Napa, or Fairfield offices. You will meet with the attorney who will be handling your case, not a paralegal or assistant. If we can’t help you, we will tell you your options, and our recommendations. We let you tell your story, and we figure out the legal issues for you.

Sometimes other issues take priority. You may want to settle your case and want an opinion on whether their offer is reasonable.  Other benefits, including Social Security, Medi-Cal, and Medicare are all impacted by a worker’s compensation future medical settlement. You tell us where you want to go, and our job is to tell you the best way how to get there.  We will give you the straight talk about your claim, and your rights within the worker’s compensation system. Our fee is a percentage of your recovery (15% of the amount of permanent disability awarded to you), so we are not motivated by the “billable hour.”

Consultation appointments are free, and last 45 minutes.  Appointments can be scheduled in our Fairfield, Napa, or Vallejo offices.  We are professional and discreet. Anything you discuss with our attorneys or a member of our staff is confidential. (Please bring all your paperwork and a recent pay stub.)  At Wright and Falls, we believe that being a smaller office allows us greater personal contact with our clients.  We believe you, and we know how confusing and overwhelming the worker’s compensation system can be.  Let us take the stress off your shoulders in dealing with your work injury.

If you are incapacitated, in the hospital or a rehabilitation center recovering from a work injury, we will travel to meet with you free of charge.  If you have a future medical award under a previously settled claim, and wish to settle for a lump sum, we can help.  Medicare and Social Security overlap with worker’s compensation, the benefits (*and your money) can disappear if settlements are not planned carefully.

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