I filed a worker’s comp claim for my work injury, now what happens?

First, get medical treatment at the facility your employer designates as their occupational treatment facility. This could be the closest emergency room, a occupational medicine clinic, or a doctor’s office.  You should not have to pay for any medical treatment related to your work injury. (More on this later). Make sure you keep copies of all documentation from this first visit, as these will be important.

State law requires your Employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company to authorize medical treatment within one day of the employer’s receipt of the claim form, and the employer is liable for up to $10,000 in medical treatment until the claim is accepted or rejected, so as soon as the employee returns a completed claim form, the employer should report the claim immediately by phone or fax to the claims administrator.

If you are off work, you should start receiving wage loss, also called Temporary Disability. Here is a simplified chart of the claims process –  Claims Process Flowchart